Tru-Vu Continuous Flow Laser Cystoscope 23FR


  • 23FR small diameter sheath
  • Large port continuous flow system
  • 7FR working channel
  • Compatible for Green Light™ PVP Procedure*
  • Profile distil tip deisgned for easy passage
  • Tru-Vu® Precision Rod Lense Cystoscope
  • 100% stainless steel construction
  • Ease of reprocessing - cold soak - ETO gas - steam autoclavable

    8805B 4.0mm x 30 degree
    Tru-Vu® Rod Lens Cystoscope
    Steam Autoclavable
    Color code: red
    32-4085 LS 23FR continuous flow laser cystoscope sheath with hi flow ports
    32-4085 LO Obturator for 23FR laser cystoscope sheath
    32-4085 LB Continuous flow laser cysto bridge and inner sheath with 7FR working channel
    32-4085 VO Visual obturator for 23FR laser cysto sheath

    32-4120 Scissor Forcep 7FR Flexible
    32-4130 Grasping Forcep 7FR Flexible
    32-4135 Biopsy Forcep 7FR Flexible

    *Green Light™ is a trademark of AMS Inc.