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    Speedlock Forceps

    Speedlock® is Advanced Endoscopy Devices’ premiere line of modular laparoscopy forceps that surpass any other product line in the endoscopic market today. These laparoscopic instruments are manufactured from surgical grade stainless steel making them harder and better resistant against torque, tension, and corrosion. The handles, sheaths, and inserts are all completely demountable and flushable. Speedlock® comes in 4 lengths, 2 diameters, 10 different handle configurations, and more than 100 different jaw patterns, providing you with 3,960 possible combinations. Among the many jaw patterns we offer, we offer the most sought out grasper options such as the Cobra grasper, Endoclinch grasper, Allis grasper, Mixter grasper, and Tenaculum grasper. The new and unique bayonet coupling makes assembly secure and so much easier. By using Speedlock®, you will save time through easy cleaning and assembly; there are no hidden spaces to accommodate blood and debris. AED’s Speedlock® line also comes with a pronounced rotator knob for easy 360° rotation.

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