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Precise Laparoscopic Instruments

Precise instruments were designed with the simplicity of first generation laparoscopic instrumentation, yet with the innovations of third generation equipment. In other words, they are sophisticated and easy to use. With an irrigation port for thorough and effective cleaning and no parts to assemble or lose, these instruments were made for reprocessing ease.

The precise action of the jaws offer excellent tactile feedback and the large rotator allows for precisepositioning.

Economically, you won't find laparoscopic instrumentation that better fits the demands of concentional standards and your budget. With four times the savings compared to disposable laparoscopic instrumentation and the durability necessary for repeititious use, you'll find it hard to dispute the value of Precise instruments.

Precise laparoscopic instruments are instruments for every budget.

Precise: The Laparoscopy Forcep for Every Budget

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  • Surgeon's choice
  • First generation simplicity with third generation innovation
  • Modular 3 piece design
  • Precise jaw action
  • 360° rotation - large rotator
  • Fully disassembled for ease of cleaning
  • Excellent tactile feedback
  • Cost effective - competitively priced
  • 46 popular jaw patterns
  • Available in 5mm and 10mm diamaters
  • Available in 33cm and 45cm lengnths

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