Max Lap® Full Screen 5mm Laparoscope


  • Bright, sharp images throughout the field of view.

  • Wide angle lenses for field of view of 85°.

  • Less traumatic than a 10mm scope.

  • Full screen image - no need to zoom video camera to fill the screen.

  • Easy and convenience of use as a result of high-tech, lightweight construction.

  • Tri-Opt® precision rod lense system manufactured in Germany.

  • State of the art compact objective system.

  • High aperture fiberoptics light transmission.

  • Multiple adaptors on lightpost for use with various fiberoptic light cables.

  • Color coded for quick identification.

  • Easy of reprocessing - cold soak - ETO gas - steam autoclavable.

5715A 5.2mm x 0 degree
Full screen wide
Color code: Green
5715B 5.2mm x 30 degree
Full screen wide
Color code: Red
5715F 5.2mm x 45 degree
Full screen wide
Color code: Black