FLEXLAP® Forceps

FLEXLAP® is one of AED’s most innovative surgical products. It’s the first full line of completely reusable articulating laparoscopic instruments. With an end effector that can be deflected to any angle between 0° and 70° and a shaft that can be rotated 360°, FLEXLAP® is the most versatile instrument available today. Straight instruments impose limitations but with FLEXLAP's variable flexion, the user is allowed a more efficient performance of advanced laparoscopic procedures. Ideally suited for LESS/SILS procedures, the user-selectable variable flexion of each instrument provides proper triangulation while reducing the potential of the instrument clashing both inside and outside the abdomen. With 17 different end effectors and both monopolar and bipolar capabilities, there is a FLEXLAP® instrument available for every application.

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FLEXLAP ® L-Hook, Articulating 70 Deg
Model #: FL1175-33
Price: $450.00
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FLEXLAP ® Spatula, Articulating 70 Deg
Model #: FL1170-33
Price: $450.00
View FLEXLAP ® Spatula, Articulating 70 Deg