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Laparoscopy From a Whole New Angle

Introducing FLEXLAP ®, the first full line of completely reusable articulating laparoscopic instruments. The end effector of each FLEXLAP ® instrument can be deflected to any angle between 0° and 70° and the instrument shaft can be rotated 360° making FLEXLAP ® instruments the most versatile laparoscopic instruments available. With variable flexion, FLEXLAP ® instruments help to overcome the limitations imposed by straight instruments, enabling more efficient performance of advanced laparoscopic procedures. Ideally suited for LESS/SILS procedures, the user selectable variable flexion of each instrument provides proper triangulation while reducing the potential of instrument classhing both inside and outside the abdomen. Laparoscopic surgeons will also find the variable flexion invaluable during multiple port procedures as well.

FLEXLAP ® Components

FLEXLAP ® instruments are composed of three components:
  1. End effector insert
  2. Flexible Insulated Shaft
  3. Ergonomic handle
    • Monopolar - ratcheting and non-ratcheting
    • Bipolar - non-ratcheting
Flex Lap Ergonomic Monopolar Handle with EZ Release Locking Ratchet Endoscopy Superstore Flex Lap Ergonomic Bipolar Handle Endoscopy Superstore Flex Lap Jaw Diagram FL1302 Endoscopy Superstore

The Most Versatile Instruments Available

Flex Lap Locking Knob Articulating Dial Endoscopy Superstore

Simply rotate the articulation dial (green on monopolar handles and gold on bipolar handles) until the shaft deflects to exactly the angle required. Then lock the shaft into place by twisting the locking knob on top of the handle. Unlike single use, disposable, articulating instruments, FLEXLAP ® instruments have the rigidity and holding power required to complete the task at hand. Additionally, they are completely reusable for improved healthcare economics and environmental impact. With 17 different end effectors and both monopolar and bipolar capabilities, there is a FLEXLAP ® instrument available for every application.

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