Feature of the Month: Precise Lap Forcep Transcript

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Welcome to AED’s Feature of the Month where we showcase our high quality endoscopy products.

This month, we are highlighting our precise line of lap instruments, which feature third-generation advancements and a modular design.

We guarantee you won’t find another line of lap instruments that better meets the demands of conventional standards and your budget.

Precise lap forceps completely disassemble for thorough and effective cleaning, these instruments were made for reprocessing ease.

The precise action of the jaws offer excellent tactile feedback and the large rotator allows for precise positioning.

The precise line comes in forty five popular jaw options, two diameters, two lengths, and is available with two handle options.

Our precise jaws are manufactured from the highest quality stainless steel.

Additionally, we offer the most sought after jaw options such as the Tenaculum, Maryland, and Metz Scissor.

The precise line now features color-coded rotators for ease in identification of forceps, in order to better suit your surgical needs.

The price-point and durability make it hard to dispute the value of precise instruments, that’s why AED’s Precise instruments are the best option for every budget.

For more information on the Precise Forceps, visit our blog