COVID-19 Emergency Supplies


With the COVID-19 outbreak, we are working hard to keep our employees safe and business operational. DUE TO HIGH DEMAND, SOME OF THESE ITEMS MAY HAVE EXTENDED LEAD TIMES (DEPENDING ON THE QUANTITY NEEDED). We will continue to do our best to get these essential products shipped to those in need.

Five Recommendations To Prevent The Spread of COVID-19

  1. Stay at Home in your "Safe Zone"
    • Avoid public transportation
    • Avoid closed spaces with A/C
  2. Avoid contact with people without proper face masks
    • People without Face Masks are a risk for you and for your close ones
    • Droplets can spread up to 6 feet
  3. Sanitize your hands after touching anything outside of your Safe Zone
    • Expect that everything outside of your Safe Zone is contaminated
    • Don't touch your eyes
    • The virus can persist for days on metal and plastic
    • Be sure to disinfect your cell phone
  4. Always wear a face mask outside
    • A used face mask should be treated as contaminated
    • It is recommended to disinfect before re-using
    • Slower breath increases the efficiency of any face mask
  5. Protect your eyes with glasses
    • Protecting your eyes is just as essential
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2-Hook Aluminum IV Pole (Qty. 3)
Model #: IVP-3
Price: $210.00
View 2-Hook Aluminum IV Pole (Qty. 3)
3-Ply Disposable Protective Masks (Qty. 50)
Model #: 3PLY-50
Price: $50.00
View 3-Ply Disposable Protective Masks (Qty. 50)
Exam Gloves (Qty. 500) - Large
Model #: EG-500-L
Price: $150.00
View Exam Gloves (Qty. 500) - Large
Exam Gloves (Qty. 500) - Medium
Model #: EG-500-M
Price: $150.00
View Exam Gloves (Qty. 500) - Medium
Non-Contact Digital Infrared Thermometer
Model #: YHKY-2000
Price: $80.00
View Non-Contact Digital Infrared Thermometer